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Protecting Your Health: How to Be Your Own Health Advocate

Too often people are intimidated by health care providers and follow their direction without asking important questions. They often fail to do what they can to protect themselves by asking those questions and not being afraid to do so or by going on the internet to research a drug prescribed or a surgical procedure recommended. […]

December 7, 2018

Fertility Treatment: The Educated Consumer

Beware of the fertility clinics’ practices and protections. Read the contract carefully looking for language that would relieve the clinic of responsibility for destruction of embryos and eggs. Ask before you sign the contract with the fertility clinic: 1. How they assure that you will receive your embryo and not that of someone else; 2. […]

January 7, 2019

How to select your fertility clinic

Many men and women, for one reason or another, elect to preserve their eggs, create their embryos, transfer their embryos, promote pregnancy and birth of children to love and cherish. Selecting a good fertility clinic is difficult. Website advertise success rates. Doctors with whom you consult promote their clinics. You are encourages or “advised” to […]

January 8, 2019

Complaints Filed: Pacific Fertility Clinic in San Francisco

Hersh & Hersh was the first firm to develop the specialty in the area of reproductive medicine, including the liability of fertility clinics and sperm banks. Hersh & Hersh successfully represented a plaintiff  20 years ago in a landmark case arising out of the transfer of the wrong embryo to our client which resulted in […]

March 6, 2019

Should I have an MRI with Gadolinium Contrast?

If you are going to have an MRI, ask whether or not you can achieve the required result without contrast. Gadolinium is the usual contrast agent and it carries risks. If you have any kidney issues, diagnosed or undiagnosed, it can carry the risk of a condition known as NSF which can be debilitating. It […]

April 2, 2019

What if my fertility clinic makes a mistake?

Fertility clinics make mistakes all the time, due to poor protocols, mislabeling, inadequate checking of embryos, equipment, laboratory staff. The mistakes can create huge problems for clients of the clinic. For example, the wrong embryo can be transferred, the wrong sperm can be used to fertilize eggs, the cryopreservation can fail causing eggs and embryos […]